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Recipe Guiding System based on Cook's Grabbing/Releasing Motion

In this paper, we propose a recipe guiding system which presents a direction step-by-step along to the progress.It takes a time to find out the necessary information from a recipe of a long text.The system aims to free the users from this annoying task.Both beginners and experienced cooks are the target of this system.For the experienced users, the system should work even when allowing users to bring the cooking forward freely.For this purpose, we propose a style of recipe which describes the non-restricted cooking, and the guiding system which tracks the progress correctly along to the proposed style of recipe.

Firstly, we modeled the activities naturally done in a cooking, and proposed a recipe format which is capable of describing the partial-order property.For the beginners, the directions of recipe should be simple enough to be understood.Therefore, we proposed the objective criteria to describe the directions, based on the objects used to execute it.Furthermore, we choose the adequate media to provide a direction depending on its importance.This enables the experienced users to ignore an unimportant direction.

User takes some actions which are not described in the recipe.These actions disturb the system to estimate the progress.We solve this problem by using user’s grabbing/releasing motions as input to the system.The system estimates the next step from the input and the context obtained from cooking progress.The input is eliminated when the grabbed/released object is not related to the current context.Even when the system fails to estimate the next step or to track the progress, our algorithm recovers the failure by later inputs.

We evaluated the proposed system in the experiments that 5 subjects cook a recipe freely with our system.The average number of manual input by the subjects for error-correction was only 3.2.