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Highly Reliable Media Streaming Using Packet Path Diversity

Media streaming over lossy network frequently involves cutting-off and disorder. We propose a method of combination of Packet Path Diversity and error correction coding in order to make streaming more resilient without increase of delay.

In proportion to wide bandwith of the Internet, various multimedia communication is available over the Internet. We cannot avoid cutting-off or disorder of streaming over the Internet because resource reservation technique is still being developped. Interactive applications requires shorter delay. Long delay prevents users from smooth interactive communicating with each other smoothly.

In some ways to reduce such disorder and cutting off , buffering and auto retransmission is not appropriate for delay-sensitive applications. We aim at shorter delay and resilient communication to utilize combination of error correction coding and Packet Path Diversity.

We propose a method to reconfigure the parameters of transmission and to feedback useful information for reconfiguration from receiver to sender. This reconfiguration and feedback has not been proposed by previous related works. Our method enables operators to reconfigure the parameters in order to achieve higher reliable streaming when bandwidth of network is not adequate and when burst loss occurs frequently. The method also utilize unidirectional link which previous related works do not use.

We have desinged and implemented a system which we can use for operation. We have experimented our system to verify the effectiveness. By results of experiments, we have confirmed the effectiveness of our proposed method.

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