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Adaptive Registration for Interaction between an Actor and Virtual Objects in Virtual Studio

The auther proposes a system in which an actor can directly look at the virtual objects and manipulate them in ``Virtual Studio'', similar as if they deal with real objects.

In Virtual Studio, a real image that is shot by camera is superimposed on the synthetic image that is created by Computer Graphics, which is presented to TV viewer.

When an actor is shot, he can not see the virtual objects nor manipulate them directly. We use augmented reality (AR) to solve this problem. The actor wears wearable display (WD). He can see the virtual objects directly by watching the WD on that Computer Graphics are displayed. He can manipulate the virtual objects directly by using the pointer with three-dimensional sensor on its end.

To realize this system, registrations of coordinates are required. In previous work, minimizing registration errors were required because it enables the actor to manipulate and see the virtual objects without making a mistake. But this causes heavy load on actor. Different from usual AR, the actor's action is defined in advance in Virtual Studio. We use this characteristic as a restriction in order to correct the error with referring the action. We verify effectiveness of this method by experiments.

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