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The shape measurement of an articulated moving object using sequencial images of a line laser

This paper presents a new framework for the shape measurement of an articulated moving object. This framework consists of several cameras and a line laser, which is used to acquire the precise distance from the object to the camera.

The traditional measurement methods using the laser range finder have a problem that they cannot measure a moving object correctly. To measure such an object, the motion of the object is estimated by an articulated object model and several cameras but no line laser. The range data is acquired by detecting a the line laser on the camera images. The motion is estimated using articulated model and volume data of the object. The range data are accumulated and transformed into a partial 3D model of the object according to the estimated motion.

The articulated model can be improved by partial range data. The part of the model is replaced with this range data. As a result of it, the estimated motion is more reliable and acquired 3D object model is more precise than using a simple model.

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