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A Lighting Control Method for Dynamic Displaying of the Significance of Persons

Each person plays her/his own significant role in a communication. For example, a speaker is significant in a conversation while other persons who do not speak are less important than the speaker. It is useful to know how much significant each person is for understanding the communication. When a viewer watches the conversation of many persons on a video, it is difficult for the viewer to estimate the significance of each person in the video. Changing brightness of each person that reflects her/his significance could be very helpful for the viewer, because the viewer easily recognizes the significance of each person from the brightness.

In this paper, we propose a lighting control method for dynamic displaying of the significance of persons in a video. In this method, we control lighting dynamically so that the brightness of each person is adjusted in accordance with the significance of each person. The relationship between the light intensity and the image brightness is modeled. The intensity of lights is controlled based on the model. Our experiment shows that the brightness of each person can be controlled accurately. It also proved that our approach helps the viewers recognizing the significance of persons.

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