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Minoh Laboratory is doing the research of archiving what is observed, recorded and monitored from intellectual activities such as cooking and learning.

These activities occur under several specific circumstances like kitchen and classroom. We are also working on the research on how to facilitate 3D modeling and simulation.


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Our mission of Minoh Laboratory is research in both computation and multimedia communication. It is organized into following broad research areas:

Smart Classroom

Emerging technologies create new opportunities for education. The Smart Classroom is dedicated to examining how to design pervasive systems and applications for supporting human multimedia communication in the classroom.


Smart Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most exiting spaces in a house. Almost every day someone cooks in this limited space using various food products andinstruments in parallel. The "Smart Kitchen" that we are constructing, supports the cook's activities at the precise time when he/she needs it by recognizing his/her cooking behavior using optical and infra-red cameras, stereo microphones, and position sensors.


4π System / Interactive Virtual Studio


In this project, we aim at acquiring the "3D contents" of various objects. The 3D contents consist of each object's shape, motion, and color. We are developing methods for 1) acquiring the shape of a human body using multiple sensors, 2) acquiring the shapes of different moving objects with multi-camera systems, 3) constructing environments that enable human-computer interaction.