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Joining Minoh Laboratory

Students who are interested in the following research fields are encouraged to join Minoh Laboratory

-Computer Vision
-Recognition Technologies
-Multimedia Technologies

Undergraduate Students

Laboratory official opening week is at the head of every April with various activities like exhibitions, interactive workshop and laboratory tour. Students interested in the research fields of Minoh Laboratory are welcome to join these activities, or contact us anytime for more information.

Graduate Students

Minoh Laboratory is a joint disciplinary laboratory with Department of Intelligence Science and Technology in Graduate school of Informatics. In order to join Minoh Laboratory as a graduate student, you must first apply and be admitted to the department. In Minoh Laboratory, about 3 master students will be admitted annually. The entrance exam would be held every August, and there’s one more entrance exam only for foreign students in February, please refer to our department office for more information.
Every May department office will hold an official seminar giving information about the entrance examination, directions of application, study and research activities, students are encouraged to attend this seminar for detail information.

Study life in Minoh Laboratory

group meetingIt is necessary for every student in Minoh Laboratory to have a research topic based on individual interest, expectation and expertise. Students are welcome to discuss with the advisor and other lab members if necessary. Official academic schedule for undergraduate students:

- At the middle of April - Laboratory recruitment
- From April to June - Study group ( Review and grounded analysis of key references )
- Head of July - Brief presentation ( Research presentation to all group members for practice and improvement)
- July to August - Summer break (Preparation for the entrance exam and job looking)
- September - Back to school - January - Paper composing for Independent study undergraduate study.
- February -Thesis submission and Oral defense (Please refer to “Laboratory activities - in Japanese” for lab-specific schedule.) After the enrollment, every student will have his/her own space in the laboratory for study and research.